After the door Abdelouahab Sidi, a world of legend is born. A magical world, surrounded by ramparts ocher and rust leaving only take time, outside its walls. This lively place, tangled passers, hints of small alleys, hidden doors from the caverns of Ali Baba. The shops, embarked on wheels, sheltered under large white sails, are filling our eyes with a thousand colors, spices for the antiques market. Oujda jewelers display their traditional skills, necklaces majestic born to ancestral practices, small silver bracelets, carved oriental motifs carry women in another era, an wonderland era. Today, the medina has more than 1,500 shops, artisans and many and varied services. But the old town of Oujda is foremost a center of life which has seen the introduction of the first girls’ school and the school bali The first school for boys.